Saturday, February 4, 2012

Settling Quarrels in Marriage

Quarrels arise mostly due to different opinions. Opinions will always be made and expressed. Everyone is entitled to one! Caution! You have the right to your thought, so also your spouse has, and they have good basis for their opinions. You can be the only right one when you are the plaintiff, solicitor and the judge all at the same time in these situations. What you have successful done is to vindicate yourself by yourself, you made the defense and judgment.

On a good day rather than assuming these three beautiful roles at same time you can create a level playing ground where your spouse can defend his or her innocence. If you deny audience, you have marginalized the person, and you denied him or her of a fair hearing. Be objective in your judgments and actions.

You need peace, independence, happiness and good life as much as your spouse needs it. Everyone needs good life. Before you become offended please make a move to talk issues over, don’t listen like a good judge but listen to reach compromise. Two of you might be extremists’ reason together how you both feel about your relationship and how to resolve these complain.

It’s not always easy but let the fear of God lead you through been objective and responsible.

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